New dock and ropes course! 

Clubs and Activities

Sailing Team

Students can compete in local and regional sailing competitions. The Maritime Academy has the boats and equipment required. 


Students will complete SCUBA certification classes, conduct environmental projects and studies, earn community service hours, and will have the opportunity to attend the Florida Keys dive trip to learn about coral conservation.  A fee is required for scuba certification. 

Environmental Club

Students will earn community service hours and participate in environmental projects and studies while working with organizations such as FWC, Baywatch, Audubon Society, NOAA, and Gulf World Marine Institute.  

Key Club

Students learn leadership and earn community service hours in opportunities directed and organized by the club members in coordination with the local Kiwanis Club. 

Naval Leadership

 Students can choose this as an elective or attend monthly  weekend drills at the Academy to provide leadership, team building and skill building opportunities. Students can also choose to be on the Drill Team or Color guard. Advanced classes in Naval Special Warfare (SEAL, Marine Recon/Raider, US Army SF, USAF Parajumper) will be held during the voluntary weekend drills for those that are interested. These classes include SCUBA, Small boat operations, Firearms Safety, land navigation, patrolling, use of drones, marksmanship, rappelling, and more. 


Students will participate in a community building initiative while learning leadership skills, earning community service hours and learning how to moderate forums. The students will learn the value of deliberative dialogue including how to moderate forums, handle conflict, foster community and address social justice issues. This is in coordination with the LEAD Coalition.  

Annual Cherokee Nation Experience

Students will complete a learning unit on the Cherokee Nation prior to the trip. Students will visit historical museums. Students will have the opportunity to participate in team building and skill building opportunities while whitewater rafting, rappelling and camping.

Challenge Course

Includes a low ropes course and high ropes course. Through a combination of mental and physical challenges participants work as a team to accomplish goals. Through a series of fun and unusual activities, participants learn valuable information about themselves and each other. Collaboration and teamwork is an important skill for learners of the 21st century.

Civil Air Patrol

Eligible students can join the Civil Air Patrol and attend meetings at the school. Members will learn about the USAF and can participate in CAP activities such as disaster relief, tours of aviation commands and activities and may apply for scholarships for flight lessons. There is a fee to cover uniforms and some off campus trips. For more information on the CAP check out: