AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute (PCMI)

The Maritime Academy is a part of AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute or PCMI. PCMI is a part of AMIkids. AMIkids opened in 1969, and the first program was called the Ft. Lauderdale Ocean Sciences Institute (FOSI) which is now named AMIkids Ft. Lauderdale.  FOSI was a joint project between the juvenile court Judge Roy Orlando, and a underwater habitat company run by our founder Bob Rosof. Together they found that engaging youth that were struggling with hands-on exciting ocean studies help set the kids back on a course to achieve their full potential. AMIkids has grown from that first program to dozens of diverse youth programs throughout the United States. More information on AMIkids can be found at their website:  

AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute (PCMI) started in 1974, and has helped thousands of youth and their families with education, probation services, counseling and vocational training. PCMI has a long history of working with environmental agencies and groups on service projects throughout our estuary system. PCMI operates a separate vocational rehabilitation grant for young offenders at another location. For decades PCMI was the at-risk school for Bay District schools and also had a contract with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to operate a Day-Treatment program for teens on probation. Both of those services ended in 2019 after Hurricane Michael forced the School District to consolidate services and DJJ stopped funding Day-Treatment services in Northwest Florida. 

When the Day-Treatment program ceased operations, PCMI continued providing its unique aquatic educational services by partnering with a local charter school. PCMI added a drone program and Sea Cadets to its courses. Now PCMI is taking advantage of a great facility being renovated after the hurricane, decade's of experience running a school for at-risk kids, and experience working with a charter school, to open our own AMIkids Maritime Academy which is designed as STEM school for students that want an exciting hands-on curriculum. Students with behavior and or on probation need to contact Bay District Schools to explore options for their education. The Maritime Academy is not a program for youth with behavioral or legal issues.